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stiletto weights

My hubby Eddie Elguera has been speaking about the importance of your “WHY” being bigger than your “WHAT”, and it made me think about WHY health & fitness has become such an important part of WHAT I do in my life. So I thought I’d share.

First of all, let me explain the WHY and WHAT:

WHY = your vision, or goal.

WHAT = the everyday stuff you have to do until you get to your goal.

So, here’s my journey…

About 2009 I realized that my health had gotten out of control. I had ballooned up to almost 160 lbs. I was wearing size 12-14. I weighed more than my husband!!!

fat christmas

I discovered my WHY!! The WHY was because I wanted to enjoy a long, active, adventurous life with my wonderful husband, children, future grandchildren & friends that I loved!!!


So this started my WHAT…. WHAT did I need to do get reach my goal? The WHAT was exercise & eat healthy. For the longest time I could not get into a habit of exercise and healthy eating, until I got my focus straight. My WHY became greater than my WHAT!!

Has it been easy? Absolutely not!!! But it does get easier!!

In the beginning I spent more time failing than I did succeeding. But that’s because I was still trying to keep my WHY bigger than my WHAT. And let’s face it, sometimes a donut, pizza or a stack of pancakes looked a lot more desirable than the “WHAT” of working out or eating right. But over time I began to have more success in my eating habits and exercise. I started to say to myself, “Nothing tastes better than healthy feels”!!


Have you discovered WHY you’re doing WHAT you do? If not, take some time to re-focus.

Make WHY (you’re doing it) greater than WHAT (you’re doing). Than your “WHAT” won’t be so easy to give up on when it gets hard!! • • • I currently weigh 123 lbs, and am working on reaching my healthy goal of a fit and healthy 115.


OH!!!! By the way, I’m only 5’2″, 47 yrs old, a mom of 3 grown sons, and a grandma of a beautiful 2 yr old princess!!

I’m so passionate about fitness and eating healthy that I now help others to achieve their goals as well. I believe anyone can change their life if they can discover a strong enough “WHY’!!!

If I can do it, you can too!!